San Francisco and Other Oppressive Cities

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Despots at the San Francisco city council have passed an ordinance which will raise the smoking age to 21. It is tyranny when the government believes it is alright to take away the right of smoking from young adults. Unfortunately, Boston, New York City, Hawaii, Evanston, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri have also implemented this oppressive law. The movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is an oppressive movement. It is a movement which does not treat young adults as adults but rather as children. Raising the smoking age to 21 is also medical fascism.

The purpose of government should be protect the civil rights and civil liberties of all people, including that of young adults. The role of government should not be to save lives. Supporters of the oppressive movement believe that young adults are not adults. Thus, it is a bigoted movement against the rights of young people. The truth is that young adults are adults and should be allowed to do what they want as it long as it does not intrude on other people. Instead, Democrats treat young adults as their objects. This is tyranny by the Democratic Party.

People should stop voting for the Democratic Party. Every place that has raised the smoking age to 21 has one thing in common; they are places in which are Democratic. Instead, people should stop voting in despots like in San Francisco in to office. People should vote for the Libertarian Party. In conjunction, people should put an end to the bigoted movement to raise the smoking age. There is no reason and there will never be a reason why a smoking age should be higher than 18-19. Young adults are adults so they should have all the rights. It is despotic city council members like in San Francisco who should be removed from office for thinking they know better than young adults.



What Made Arrested Development?

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Some people talk about the arrested development of young adults in this country. They say that young adults are not mature enough as they were in the past. I think I have some of the reasons why arrested development started in the first place. Arrested development is an unfortunate byproduct of the modern world. Arrested development is an obstacle in fighting for youth rights because adultists say that arrested development has made young adults into children. The youth rights movement needs to fight against adultism and arrested development.

Many young people were raised in the suburbs. Many suburban neighborhoods are very detached from the cities. To get to someplace interesting from those neighborhoods would require a car. Since the dollar in the U.S. has been severely devalued, many young people’s parents cannot afford to buy their daughter or son a car. What happens to those young people? Since they cannot go to the places they want to go to, they turn to screen time. Young people are confined to the isolation of suburban neighborhoods only have one outlet and that is the internet.

Those young people do not develop enough social skills so to other people, they seem underdeveloped. The isolation of suburban neighborhoods has made young people who they are today. In addition, the internet has made them ignore other people and turn to screen time as their first friend. Without mobility, those young people are trapped psychologically. This is one reason for arrested development. We in the youth rights movement should discourage parents from choosing fragmented neighborhoods in favor of neighborhoods that are close to places in which young people can meet up in.


A Good Bill in New Hampshire

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A state legislator in New Hampshire has introduced a bill which allow young adults who are 18-20 years old to drink alcoholic beverages if there is a person who is 22 or older with them at a bar or restaurant. Overall Youth Rights supports a drinking age of 18 but a partial lowering of the drinking is a step in the right direction. Police departments in New Hampshire are against this good bill but civil rights and civil liberties should come first. Hopefully, this bill will become law. Elected officials should stop treating efforts to lower the drinking age as “political suicide”. It is better to be removed from office for doing something right than to perpetuate something wrong. Another legislator in New Hampshire’s legislature also supports this good bill. The movement to lower the drinking age to 18 is strengthening. We in this movement should give thanks to legislators who support lowering the drinking age since there is so much adultism in this country.


Defeat the Oppressive Bill

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There is an oppressive bill against young adults in Congress. The Tobacco to 21 Act is this oppressive bill. As its oppressive title suggests, the bill would raise the smoking age and the tobacco purchasing age to 21. This bill should be defeated. It is currently in committee after being introduced by a Democrat in September 2015. The smoking age and tobacco purchasing age should be 18-19 in every state, territory and municipality in the United States.

Supporters of this oppressive policy idea are ignorant of solutions to make cigarettes less harmful. If there was a law which banned chemicals in cigarettes and if this law banned toxic pesticides onto tobacco plants, then cigarettes would be safer. Commercials on TV say that 7,000 chemicals are in cigarettes but there is no movement to ban chemicals in cigarettes. Instead, there is a movement to oppress young adults when it comes to making decisions about cigarettes.

The Tobacco to 21 should never become law. The federal government should not be concerned with protecting people from themselves. The federal government should be concerned with protecting the civil rights and civil liberties of people, including young people. To defeat this oppressive bill, Democrats in Congress should be voted out of office. Democrats are more likely to support the Tobacco to 21 Act. One of my Senators from Virginia has expressed support for this oppressive bill. However, I sent him a letter against this bill earlier this year in which he stated his position.

The Democratic Party should not be supported when it comes to youth rights. Young adults who are 18-20 years old should be allowed to smoke and purchase tobacco products. Members of Congress who support this bill support the oppression of young adults. There is no other way to describe supporters of the Tobacco to 21 Act. This bill should be abandoned.

The only political party which youth rights supporters can trust with protecting youth rights is the Libertarian Party. This is a political party which understands that the role of government should be to defend civil rights and civil liberties. In contrast, the Democratic Party believes in micromanaging the lives of young adults, leading to their violations of civil rights. Shame to this bill.


Ageist Drivel from CNN

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CNN released an ageist program called “Inside the Secret Life of Teens”. According to the commercials from CNN, the show’s purpose is to show teens as malicious people. In reality, the only group of people who deserve a behind the scenes program are Baby Boomers. This group of people have a higher arrest rate for serious crimes than young people. A fitting program would be “Inside the Secret Life of Baby Boomers” for this reason. The reason why teens are being targeted by CNN is because TV networks want to spread false stereotypes about young people to make Baby Boomers look better than they really are. Mike Males has said this same thing over and over again. Networks bash young people because of how much ageism there is in this society.


Political Party of Adultism

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Some of the information used in this article is from sociologist, Mike Males from

The Democratic Party is an adultist political party. The Democratic Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, has gone from a LGBT rights activist into an adultist. He calls young adults who are 18-20 years old, children. He does this to defend the discriminatory minimum age of 21 for smoking Cannabis. The movement to legalize Cannabis has devolved into an adultist movement against young adults. When it comes to cigarettes, the Democratic Party is also discriminatory against young people. Most of the cities which have raised the smoking age to 21 have been Democratic cities. Supporters of this adultist trend are more likely to be Democrats than from other political parties.

Young people are a minority group, such as LGBT people or physically disabled people. The Democratic Party is responding to young people by discriminating against them when it comes to Cannabis and cigarettes. President Obama is an adultist. He bashes young people whenever the topic of young people comes up. The President calls young people irresponsible, immature and impulsive. To the Democratic Party, young people are scapegoats and a group to which they are oppressed.

Youth rights activists and youth rights supporters should stop voting for a political party which defends ageism against young people. The Republican Party is not the right answer here but third parties are.



Oppression in Hawaii

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The Governor of Hawaii has signed a bill which will raise the smoking age to 21. A smoking age of 21 is oppression against young women and young men who are 18-20 years old. There is one thing in common with Hawaii and many of the cities which have raised the smoking age to 21. Those are places in which the Democratic Party is popular. In a previous article, I said that oppressive liberals are responsible for supporting ageist smoking ages. It is true. Real liberals, like myself, do not support any smoking age past 19. The Democratic Party is dominated by oppressive liberals. This means that the Democratic Party is an ageist political party. Real liberals don’t have a role in that political party.

Young adults who are 18-20 years old are mature enough to smoke cigarettes. If there was a federal law which banned tobacco companies from putting in additives to cigarettes and if that law banned tobacco growers from putting in toxic pesticides, then cigarettes would be less harmful. For ageists, their answer is to oppress young adults while ignoring this type of answer. Ageists say that young adults are immature for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages but they are wrong. The trend of raising the smoking age to 21 has got to stop. If you are a Democrat, then you should stop voting for that political party. The Democratic Party is responsible for oppressing young adults when it comes to tobacco.


The Right to Obtain Credit

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The CREDIT CARD Act has adultist provisions. It requires that young women and young men who are 18-20 years old get a co-signer who is 21 or older. Using the age of 21 as a minimum age is always discriminatory against young adults because the age of majority is ignored this way. Young women and young men who are 18-20 years old should not be the intolerant target of laws. Young adults should be treated with more maturity because they should decide if they want a credit card or not.

Another adultist provision in the CREDIT CARD Act is the requirement that people be 21 or older to receive credit card offers unless a young adult opts in to receive those offers. Credit card offers are part of junk mail but young adults who are 18-20 years old shouldn’t be subject to ageist provisions in laws. People who are concerned with protecting young adults justify this oppression against young adults. It doesn’t matter if those people act with a kind intent because anytime the rights of young adults are eroded, the result is the same. Financial literacy and responsibility are the answers in reducing credit card debt among young women and young men. Those provisions in the CREDIT CARD Act do this in a wrong way by treating young adults who are 18-20 as less than the age of majority.


18 For Cannabis

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Organizations which support Cannabis legalization have been ageist by supporting a Cannabis smoking age of 21. Those organizations are responsible for the referendums in states which have legalized Cannabis. Using the age of 21 for minimum ages is ageism. The smoking age for Cannabis should be 18. Using the phrase “Regulate like Alcohol” is age discriminatory against young adults because the current drinking age is discriminatory in itself. Supporters of “Regulate like Alcohol” support that young adults be oppressed twice when it comes to alcoholic beverages and again when it comes to Cannabis. I wouldn’t vote in favor of a referendum if it meant denying young adults who are 18-20 the right to smoke Cannabis. Young women and young men who are 18-20 are responsible enough to smoke Cannabis. Organizations which support Cannabis legalization should not oppressive when it comes to young women and young men.

People have become better informed about Cannabis and to why it should be legalized. Unfortunately, a wrong approach to regulating Cannabis is being taken. Laws which require strong punishment for young people who have used Cannabis is oppression. Cannabis legalization is not worth if it would significantly erode youth rights. It doesn’t make a difference if an older person was in jail for using Cannabis before Cannabis was legalized and if a young man goes to jail after Cannabis is legalized. Cannabis legalization laws should have a minimum age of 18 to smoke Cannabis. Young adults should get nothing less regarding Cannabis legalization. Other than plain ageism against young people, supporters of the “Regulate like Alcohol” strategy say that the brains of young adults are still developing. The developing brain propaganda from ageists is ageism in the form of junk science.