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The Promotion of Irresponsibility

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Some commercials for alcoholic beverages promote binge drinking. Those commercials call it pre-gaming. Last year, a commercial from Bud-Light appeared on YouTube promoting pre-gaming. This year, a radio station host in Washington, DC encouraged its listeners to pre-game. It’s wrong for companies, radio stations and other media to promote binge drinking. In the case of Bud Light, the company was using pre-gaming to sell its alcoholic beverages. In the case of the radio station host, he was encouraging people to pre-game to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

There should be a federal law which would ban companies and all forms of media from promoting irresponsible behavior regarding alcoholic beverages. This should include binge drinking of any name.

Those commercials reflect this country’s irresponsible culture regarding alcoholic beverages. Banning those irresponsible commercials should be a first step. People in the alcoholic beverage industry would say that those commercials are for people of the drinking age of 21. It doesn’t matter because people shouldn’t be encouraged to binge drink. The oppressive drinking age of 21 has not and will not improve this country’s drinking culture. The culture regarding alcoholic beverages will need to be changed itself.

Alcoholic beverage companies should encourage alcohol responsibility. Those companies shouldn’t contradict their message of drinking responsibly. If those companies were to only say that drinking under the drinking age is wrong, then those companies have failed because they have ignored everything else.



The False Heroism of Stores

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The wrong solutions are being persued to stop mass shootings. The pursuit of those wrong solutions is intentional. Stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kroger and Walmart have decided to discriminate against young adults rather than to help solve the problem of mass shootings. Those stores have raised the minimum age for buying guns to 21. Raising the minimum to buy guns from 18 to 21 will do nothing to prevent mass shootings. This is a feel-good policy that will not yield any results. It is simply discrimination on top of discrimination.

Young people aged 18-20 years old are the most discriminated group in this country. They are discriminated against when it comes to alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, gambling, getting a hotel room and getting a credit card. They are unduely discriminated since it is older people who display more problems with those rights. Raising the minimum age for buying guns to 21 is an extension of those violations to the rights of people aged 18-20 years old. Stores have decided to scapegoat young adults which is why those stores shouldn’t be applauded for their false heroism.

Real solutions to stopping mass shootings should be persued. For example, automatic and semi-automatic guns should be banned for everyone of every age. There’s no reason why those guns should be held by civilians. Permitted guns should only be guns which fire no more than one bullet per round. The minimum age to buy these guns should be 18. The mass shooter in Parkland, Florida is very far away from an typical young adult. This is why raising the minimum age for buying guns to 21 is discriminatory and unproductive. It is not a solution in stopping mass shootings in this country or in any country.


The Criminalization of Young People

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Young people are people. Unfortunately, legislators continue to pass bills that criminalize the lives of young people. Bills to raise the smoking age to 21 keep getting passed. Legislators refuse to set a Cannabis smoking age of 18. Since the 1980s, the drinking age has been 21. This is why young people have become a criminalized group. Young people are a group in which government and in which society refuse to recognize their rights.

On top of age discriminatory laws are ageist attitudes that are prevalalent in this society. These are the types of attitudes that treat young people as pests. Many malls have curfews which ban people under 18 from entering in evening and nights. Despite the fact that few young people were involved in fights at malls, every young person was to be treated the same, as a pest. It is this demographic distancing which treats young people as inferior as to the reason for the passage of discriminatory rules. It is a disgrace. People who who admire civil rights and civil liberties but are ageist, are hypocrites.

Young people, in particular young adults, don’t deserve to live under those discriminatory laws and rules. Young people are people, civil rights and civil liberties must apply to them. This means that the drinking age, smoking age and Cannabis smoking age should be 18-19. Bills raising the smoking age to 21 are unjustified. There is no justification in eroding the rights of young adults to fulfill a public health outcome. Instead, those types of bills criminalize young people. Young adults must be allowed to make decisions that they want to make. For government to force its decisions upon them, is totalitarianism. Young people must be treated as people and they must have their rights respected and recognized.


Near Genocide in South Africa

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Some of the information for this article was collected from the following Facebook pages:

  • Stop White South African Genocide
  • Stop Farm Attacks & Murders in South Africa
  • Stop Genocidal attacks on the lives of White South Africans

There is almost genocide against white people in South Africa. Since the 1990s, thousands of Afrikaner farmers have been murdered. Thousands of white South Africans who were not involved in agriculture have also been murdered. Most of the perpetrators in this near genocide have been black South Africans. In those murders, little was stolen but the victims got the brunt of the violence. Those murders are actually hate crimes. There is strong racism from black South Africans against white people in that country. South Africa’s major political parties are not hesitant to use black racism to get more supporters. According to the Genocide Watch organization, South Africa is at the sixth stage of the genocide scale. 6 is polarization, 7 is preparation, 8 is persecution, 9 is extermination and 10 is denial. However, classification of this situation has not been updated since 2013. I think that South Africa is at the eighth stage of the genocide scale. White South Africans continue to be murdered at high rates. Many of them were killed in the most inhumane manners possible. The federal government of that country has been unwilling to properly prosecute many of those perpetrators.

South Africa was hoped to be a Rainbow Nation. Instead, there is almost genocide against white South Africans. Since the 1990s, major political parties over there have used racist rhetoric against white people. “Kill the Boers” is an example of how black racism is being used to increase political support. Although that song was created before Apartheid fell in 1990s, the singing of “Kill the Boers” has recently been used for a different purpose. The lyrics in “Kill the Boers” are meant to encourage the threatening of white South Africans. Political officials from the Economic Freedom Fighters party (EFF) and the African National Congress (ANC) have used “Kill the Boers” and other violent black racist rhetoric to their advantage. In addition to ineffectively prosecuting the killers, the federal government of South Africa has refused to indicate the race of white people who have been murdered. White South Africans have also had their rights eroded. Some companies and local governments have refused to hire white job applicants because of their race.

Many white South Africans who were killed were subjected to extreme mistreatment by the perpetrators before dying. Earlier this year, a farmer’s wife and daughter were raped and killed by four men. In another violent hate crime case, a family was murdered in an inhumane manner. Those murders are extreme by any measure. In the first case, a farmer’s son survived the attack but the police department is being of little help in solving the murders. The second case is more extreme. Former domestic house employees to a white South African family instead murdered the family in 2012. The murderers in the second case were proud of what they did.  Those perpetrators laughed when the murder details were brought up in the courtroom. According to an expert in crime studies in South Africa, white farmers face a murder rate of 99.1 out 100,000. This figure surpasses many comparable figures. In urban, suburban and in rural areas of South Africa, white residents have a high risk of being murdered, tortured or raped because of their race.


Requiring What Is Not Needed

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

I have read requirements for administrative assistant jobs and for internships. They are maddening. Many administrative assistant positions and internships require a Bachelor’s degree. That’s not right. The requirement to have to have a Bachelor’s degree for those positions is an insult. People should not go to a university to be an intern or to be an assistant at an office. Some people say that being an administrative assistant is a good starting point for a recent graduate. However, that starting point is too low. This is because a person who applies to the same field which she or he studied should be on a higher up job. That’s what a Bachelor’s degree should represent. A Bachelor’s degree shouldn’t be treated as a high school diploma or as an Associate’s degree. Unfortunately, a lot of companies treat a Bachelor’s degree, regardless of the major, as less than what it is.

Qualifications which are too high don’t help anyone, especially for a person who wants a higher-up position. Companies should stop requiring a Bachelor’s degree when it is not necessary. A reasonable requirement to be an administrative assistant is a high school diploma. To be an intern, there should be requirements which are specific and are not tied to a person’s educational level. Requiring qualifications which are not necessary harms the economy because there are more people who are unable to get a job position which is higher up. They don’t get the salary which comes with that job. What is worse is that they have to wait more years to get the position which she or he wants. Putting unnecessary requirements for jobs is a trend so it has to stop. Opportunities for recent graduates will continue to decrease if companies don’t quit their unreasonable job requirements.


So Rise to the top and Yell

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

In early 2009, I created an imaginary metal band called Rebels against Oppression. This band consists of lyrics which I have typed from early 2009 to August 2010. This is a second article that features a song from my imaginary band. The focus of Rebels against Oppression was on the lyrics. In early 2010, I released an album of lyrics titled “University of Oppression” and from this imaginary album comes “So Rise to the Top and Yell”.

Despite a majority of Americans polled on the right of same-gender marriage, most states don’t recognize same-gender marriage. Many states have a constitutional amendment which bans recognizing same-gender marriages performed in the state or performed elsewhere. Too many Democrats in state legislatures are spineless when it comes to advocating for LGBT rights. When it comes to young women and young men who are 18-20, there is oppression. The age of majority is treated like a non-binding rule and not like an age of majority law. Many elected officials are intolerant people who like in Tennessee, tried to pass a “Don’t Say Gay” bill. In North Carolina, intolerant legislators passed a bill that resulted in a referendum regarding same-gender marriage in 2012. As a result of that referendum, North Carolina’s Constitution bans the recognition of same-gender marriages. However, “So Rise to the Top and Yell” is about the importance of being an activist so that oppressive laws against young people and LGBT people are repealed.

“So Rise To the Top and Yell”

It seems like it may take many lifetimes to conquer

The oppression which seems to be stuck in time

Tyranny is on a higher priority than freedom

Because of legislators that practice cowardice

And Intolerance

The fight must now come because hope can seem little

But this time the fight must succeed

We must not become oppressors because

Human rights comes before it

So Rise to the top of the hill and yell

Because ahead is the field to the finish

Take that powerful conviction so that the days

Without end of oppression will end

The young have been oppressed heavily

And LGBT people are waiting for equality

Against people who leave reason for tyranny

The march to the final hill must come

So rise to the top of the hill and yell

Because ahead is the field to the finish

Take that powerful conviction so that the days

Without end of oppression will end


Hard Rock for the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area should have a hard rock radio station of its own. Baltimore’s 98 Rock can be heard in the area but from where I live, the signal is weak. In addition, I believe there is a large demand for hard rock in the suburbs of the Washington, D.C. From Loudoun County to northern Montgomery County to Charles County and to Stafford County, there are people who want to listen to hard rock with a good signal. I like many bands from alternative rock and this is a good genre but I also like hard rock. I think there is also a mismatch between Washington, D.C., a great city, and the suburbs. While the city is probably more popular with alternative rock, the suburbs are probably more popular with hard rock and metal. If this is not the case, then there should still be a hard rock station for this large metropolitan area. Among people in the radio business, I am requesting an active rock station. In this radio format, bands like Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Egypt Central, Lacuna Coil and All That Remains can get airplay.

Washington, D.C.’s DC101 is a good rock station but hard rock receives rare airplay. System of a Down is sometimes played but only “Aerials” is played. Chevelle is less heard and the two songs that receive airplay are “Jars” and “Send the Pain Below”. On 98 Rock, “B.Y.O.B.” from System of a Down is heard and for Chevelle, “Hats off to the Bull” is heard. Other than the reason of the weak signal in parts of the metropolitan area, Washington, D.C. should have a hard rock station because Washington, D.C. is a populous city. 98 Rock will always continue to be the way it is because Baltimore has a metropolitan area. In addition, the radio station’s signal can probably reach southern Pennsylvania and for certain, part of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and northeastern Maryland. Regarding DC101, if the radio station does not want to change its radio format then another radio station with a different frequency can be created. I remember when DC101 played Slipknot in 2004 so the idea is not too far off for change there.

If there is a refusal by the radio station companies to create a hard rock station for the metropolitan area, then something can be done. 98 Rock can agree to create a repeater station with a signal tower in Anne Arundel County to better reach the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I believe there is a demand for hard rock in the suburbs and this should be satisfied. 


How to make Metric go Forward

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Most countries have made the right decision by adopting the metric system so as result; they are synchronized with the global economy. For those countries, package labeling laws don’t slow down their exports and products can easier be made with an efficient measurement system. However, when it comes to trade, we don’t have the same experience. When it comes to making products, the advantages of the metric system are many times ignored. For this and other reasons, the United States should go metric.

Fortunately, the U.S. is somewhere on the metrication spectrum. Modifying laws and creating new laws for fully adopting the metric system would complete the legal part of the conversion. The social aspect of metrication, where no laws are required, is important because helping people adjust to the metric system is what metrication is about. Metrication should not be a process where people who are skeptical of the metric system feel that they are oppressed but rather, challenged to meet this future.

Part 1: The Legal Part of Metrication

  1. There is a law which allows for metric measurements on packages so to make sure that people readily know the metric system, metric only packaging should be required. A few exemptions would not stall metrication. Ireland is an example.
  2. Decades ago, metrication was proceeding ineffectively because it was voluntary so if metrication starts, it should be mandatory. In addition, there should be a reasonable timetable to achieve the goals of this process. 12 years for completing metrication would be reasonable since the American system of measurement is part of the culture.
  3. Cars will have to have speedometers with km/h displayed where mph is currently displayed. Gas stations will have to sell gasoline by the liter. State transportation bureaus and federal government bureaus of this kind will have to become metric with everything. In addition, fuel efficiency will have to be measured in liters per 100 kilometers.
  4. Years ago in the United Kingdom, food vendors who didn’t comply with metric laws were arrested but were praised for their resistance.  Allowing dual mesaurement is the answer. If a food vendor were to give measurements in the metric system and in the American system, then that person should not be punished. This would be legal if the end of metrication is four years or more years away. Later on, if a food vendor does not give a metric measurement for something she or he is selling to a person, then that person should be arrested.
  5. In addition to products, services will also have to be metric when a person is being billed. Kilojoules would determine a bill’s payment amount instead of BTUs and so forth with other services. No one should be billed according to the American system of measurement. People in the service industry should be allowed to give information in the American system but the bill must be determined with metric system.

Part 2: The Social Part of Metrication

  1. Schools, colleges, and universities should give more emphasis on the metric system. There should never be laws which dictate curriculum of universities, colleges and schools. Since colleges and schools have courses which teach the metric system, this important goal will be easy to complete.
  2. News programs should give segments about the continuing metrication process. Hosts and TV anchors should never be required by law or rule by the government to give segments about the metric system or metrication. The media will be important in informing everyone about the effects of metrication.
  3. The medical profession should be encouraged to medical readings in the metric system. If a person asks for how she or he weighs in kilograms, then the physician should give the answer. Medical information in pamphlets and through other formats should also be metric. Before four years until the end of metrication, it should be up to the hospitals and clinics to decide if they will be metric only or be dual.
  4. The United States Metric Association should be given authority, as it did in the 1970s and early 1980s, to distribute information about the national metrication process. It is better for the USMA to distribute information and guidelines about the metric system because the USMA is the premier organization for this goal.
  5. The federal government should inform people about metrication and about the metric system. Government websites can educate people about the metric system and give them information about the effects of upcoming laws or current laws regarding the metric system.

The goal to fully adopt the metric system has been a dormant goal for decades but I want to see the metric system take precedent over the American system measurement. The metric system is a good measurement system because it is not hard to convert between units. There are people who like to spend a lot of time on complex math problems but for the rest of us, measuring and converting between units should not feel like solving an algebra equation.

Lastly, if I limited myself to typing one article about the metric system, that article would be like many pro-metric websites I have come across. Many of those websites are in the style of the 1990s and have not been updated in years. Those websites don’t do much to help the metric system in the U.S. because it will take motivation and commitment for metrication to start.


The Metric System is the Standard

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Let's make this a reality.

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The metric system is also called the System of International Measurements because it is the dominant system of measurement on our planet. It is good that the metric system is dominant because it is efficient. Unlike the American system of measurement, the metric system uses 10 as a base. 1,000 grams is one kilogram and one milliliter is one thousandth of a liter. In the American system of measurement, converting inches to feet takes too much work. One mile is 5,280 feet. I know that conversions between those units will take two minutes. Although the United States hasn’t fully adopted the metric system, the countries we trade with rightfully expect the metric system to be used in exports and imports. Trade is not the only expectation. Driving from Michigan to Ontario or from Texas to Tamaulipas involves obeying a metric speed limit. I have read a news article of an American man accidently breaking the speed limit in Canada because he thought that the speed limit was in miles per hour. He drove extremely fast. If the United States completed metrication, there would be kilometer per hour speed limit signs, packages would only be in the metric system, temperature would be read in Celsius and weight would be read in kilograms.

In 2011, no one will probably know when the United States completes metrication because Ronald Regan stopped it. In the 1980s, political ideologies showed their view of the metric system. Conservatives sided against metrication and liberals for metrication. In that decade, metrication slowed down in Canada, the United Kingdom and in the United States. The impact can still be felt in the U.S. I support the United States Metric Association but if you check its website in two years, you will probably see that the website’s content has changed little. It’s good that the USMA exists, but since the movement for fully adopting the metric system is small, the USMA has little power. If you are a supporter of the metric system, then you have probably read an article by an Australian man who thought that Barack Obama would re-start metrication. This is not a criticism of him. To get metrication started again, a strong movement is a must. Over time, we find out that traditions may lose their justification. We shouldn’t be stuck to a particular tradition only because it is part of culture. Racists in the 1960s used the sake of tradition to justify segregation. Homophobes in this century have used the sake of tradition to vote against same-sex marriage in referendums. A strong movement is needed to overcome challenges.

For people who support the metric system, let’s get the United States in sync with the rest of the world. I think that it can still be said that conservatives don’t like the metric system while liberals are open-minded. I am a liberal. There are people who think that if the U.S. was to entirely adopt the metric system, that we would lose a big part of our culture. Wrong! The metric system was created to make measuring efficient and to make conversions between units easier. Since the metric system is the dominant system of measurement in most countries, the U.S. and other countries which haven’t made it dominant should do so. If the U.S. was to adopt the metric system like New Zealand has, we could export easier. Food packaging would be understood by more people since they would only be in metric. Lumber would be measured in meters and centimeters. Car companies could export easier because one assembly line for a car model would increase efficiency. All of this would increase trade. Although some people believe that the cause for metrication is useless, they shouldn’t be so pessimistic because metrication would bring many benefits.