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Accountability Is Important Against Bullying

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Being bullied is a negative experience. Being called names and dropping a person’s stuff from a stair well is the stuff of bullying. Unfortunately, some school districts don’t do anything against bullying or to help students who have been bullied. Government action should be taken to fix school districts which have not taken necessary steps against bullying. Government action would also make sure that the needs of students who have been bullied are taken care of. In a documentary released in 2013, “Mentor” by Alix Lambert, shows negligence by the Mentor school district. The documentary is about two students who committed suicide because of bullying in Mentor, Ohio.

One of those students who committed suicide was Sladjana Vidovic. She was heavily bullied throughout her time at Mentor high school. She was also bullied in middle school. Students bullied her because of her Croatian ethnicity and bullies used sexist terminology against her.  That school didn’t discipline any bullies. Security guards and administrators didn’t stop physical abuse while it was happening. Mentor high school has negligent administrators who are at fault for not taking the necessary steps to stop and punish bullying. The documentary shows the harm which Sladjana Vidovic experienced in detail. It was if the entire city of Mentor was against her. According to Alix Lambert, Mentor high school had a severe culture of conformity reinforced by its high school football games.

Government action should be used to take down pervasive bullying at schools. The federal or state government should take absolute control of a school district in this case. The school district’s board would be dissolved. The federal or state government would implement its own rules against bullying. Enforcement would be strict. Every teacher, security guard and administrator would monitor the classrooms and hallways. Bullies would be suspended. Bullies who don’t obey anti-bullying policies would be expelled. This is because they have harmed a student and those bullies won’t stop until an unfortunate end may occur. Hard discipline is the right type of punishment against bullies. If a large percentage of students are suspended or expelled for bullying, then let it be so. The school district in Mentor, Ohio should have been under this type of federal or state government control.



Two Types of Liberalism

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

There are two types of liberalism. There is what I call oppressive liberalism and there is also real liberalism. People who are of oppressive liberalism ideology support smoking bans, higher smoking ages and taxes on pop. Their support for a higher smoking age is direct opposition to youth rights. The real form of liberalism supports civil rights and civil liberties for all people, including that of young people. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is full of people who agree with oppressive liberalism. Many towns cities which have raised the smoking age are places where oppressive liberalism is the dominant ideology. This is why oppressive liberalism is an enemy of youth rights.

Real liberalism is represented by organizations such as the ACLU. That organization fights for the rights of all people and it does not support the oppression of anyone, including young people. There’s a big difference between the two types of liberal ideologies. Many elected officials agree with oppressive liberalism, unfortunately. Real liberalism does not focus its attention on raising smoking ages and taking away other rights of young people. The reason why real liberalism and oppressive liberalism are different is because oppressive liberalism is not freedom focused in the slightest. Real liberalism is freedom focused. Organizations which support taxes on pop, the Institute of Medicine and the National Education Association are examples of oppressive liberalism. Those are organizations which the youth rights movement must recognize as opponents of youth rights.


Greed and Geopolitics Lead the Way

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The U.S.’ foreign policy in the Middle East is guided by greed and neo-conservative geopolitics. A U.S. organization, Project Red Book, was formed in the 1990s to support an eventual war in Iraq. The Bush administration lied about the War in Iraq. Colin Powell was ordered by the Bush administration to say that there were WMDs in Iraq but we know the real reasons. There were no WMDs. The Iraq War was all about greed and geopolitics from beginning to end. The U.S. wanted access to oil and the U.S. wanted Iraq’s government to be an ally to American interests.

Other blogs have reported that President Obama wants a AUMF against ISIL. Drone strikes have been used to go after that terrorist organization but most people killed in those strikes are innocent. The U.S. should not have an active military interest in Iraq and Syria. The situation in Iraq and Syria is bad but only those countries and its neighbors can improve that situation. It would be another disaster if there was another U.S. led war in the Middle East. The Iraq War didn’t achieve stability. What did happen was mass instability that has come in the form of a hardcore terrorist organization.

Further war against ISIL would only lead to more death and destruction in those countries. Saudi Arabia has been a major funder of terrorism and the reactionary ideology of Wahhabism for decades. The U.S. would never put sanctions on Saudi Arabia for this breach of ethics would they? That’s the country where we get some of our oil from so Saudi Arabia is off the hook for anything. Back to Syria. The U.S. also favors the toppling of the Assad government in Syria. Why would the U.S. want Bashar al-Assad gone from power? The answer is that the U.S. wants a pro-US President or Dictator in Syria. When it comes to Middle Eastern foreign policy, greed and geopolitics lead the way. The U.S. should get out of Middle Eastern geopolitics and stop importing Middle Eastern natural resources.