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A Right Way to Decrease Global Warming

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The more I read about global warming, the more significant the consequences of climate change have been said. 2010 was a hot summer for Russia and 2012 was a dry summer for the United States. It’s guaranteed that glaciers in Greenland are melting faster than they should be melting because of human produced global warming. I expect that when Barack Obama enters his second term in January, that his administration will be effective in supporting the building of renewable energy infrastructure around the country. Stephen Harper will enter his seventh year after becoming Prime Minister in February so he should support the building of renewable energy infrastructure. Canada and the United States produce a lot of the world’s fossil fuels emissions so those countries have an obligation to significantly generate more power made from renewable sources. The 2010s should be a decade in which developed countries give a termination to the fossil fuels industry.

Congress should pass a bill which would significantly reduce fossil fuel emissions which President Obama should sign. That bill could use cap and trade or the conventional strategy of banning most fossil fuel emissions. Canada’s Parliament should pass a bill which would do the same and it should receive royal ascent. It doesn’t matter if most countries are doing too little to stop fossil fuel emissions because Canada and the United States are responsible for many of those emissions. A UN conference which does nothing to stop global warming should be sidestepped. In both countries, there will be a lot of outrage from people who don’t care about the environment if this bill passes Congress. If that bill advances that far, then President Obama should have the same courage he had when he passed the health care reform law. People who care about the environment should stand by him if says that he will sign a bill which would reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Lobbyists for the oil industry do a lot to convince members of Congress to do what they want so it’s up to us to convince members of Congress to pass bills which will stop global warming. Protests are a good component of the environmental movement but this more subtle step is also important.



National Parks are a Part of Nature

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

I have watched a Republican representative of Congress on CSPAN who said that national parks should be logged for timber. The man said that national parks were created to make money because of the large amount of natural resources which are found in them. Thinking in this way gives support to rewriting history. National parks were created to preserve great areas of nature like Yellowstone National Park. All trees in national parks should be preserved because animals need and I have learned from the Sierra Club that Sequoia trees need other trees to live. National parks should not be sacrificed because of greedy and backward thinking people. If trees were harvested from national parks, then there would be significant shame and this shame would cause people in other countries to say that the United States doesn’t care about conservation.

In 2010, people elected too many reactionary Republicans to the House of Representatives which is a reason why some problems have not been resolved and is the reason why new problems have been created. I thought that it was only in poor countries that some legislators thought of national parks as a source of revenue which is not from made from tourism. True, it is one member of Congress and national parks will not face threats because of one conservative man but I think what that man said is shared by millions of people in the U.S. However, the Sierra Club fights to preserve protected areas from greed. I don’t know how much money that Republican representative from Pennsylvania gets from big companies but that is no justification for taking away the beauty of national parks. Such actions are oppression.


Renewable Energy is our Expectation

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Climate change is real. The situation regarding climate change research in the United Kingdom is not evidence to suggest otherwise. Relying on energy sources which create air pollution and which contribute to climate change is not a guideline. There should be no “bridge” fuel between fossil fuels and renewable energy because there is already a good amount of renewable energy infrastructure. Lowering the expectation so that there must be a bridge between fossil fuels and renewable energy sounds like what an oil company would say. Natural gas should not be a component for phasing out fossil fuels. People who say that converting all energy to renewable energy would be impossible are exaggerating on this. The western United States is a good region for solar energy. British Columbia is also a good place for generating solar power. Many of the western states contain deserts, including Wyoming. Effective infrastructure for solar energy can provide Reno and Grand Junction, Colorado with its energy needs like fossil fuels already do. States like Colorado are also good places for solar energy because of the semi-arid climate. In addition to solar energy, wind power is another essential source. Although Maryland’s legislature didn’t pass a bill which would have started a wind power project on the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula, that bill will probably pass in 2012. On the coast of that peninsula, winds are more regular than in inland locations. Every moderate sized wind turbine farm can power a town and I know that they can power farms. Using solar energy and wind power to power metropolitan areas can be a reality. Fossil fuels are not energy sources which no one should praise, except for greedy oil companies and their supporters. Coalminers face risks when they go into the mine shafts. West Virginia is so dependent on coal mining that every member of Congress from that state is expected to support coal mining. This can change with renewable energy.

To strengthen and maintain the momentum for renewable energy, it is likewise important to support aspects of the environmental movement. Some people have noted that this movement has gone into the decline. The environmental movement has great goals: renewable energy, protecting nature’s treasures and reminding people that Earth is worth protecting. The environmental movement should not face further decline. If you are on the fence when it comes to renewable energy, do know that renewable energy sources have benefits that fossil fuels don’t have. The United States is not too far behind on renewable energy since there are many wind turbine farms around the country. Ending dependence on coal will rightfully weaken the coal mining industry. In addition, increasing the relevance of renewable energy in metropolitan areas and rural areas will weaken oil companies. Unlike ethanol, wind power and solar energy are better sources for everyone’s energy needs. Those two renewable energy sources are not fads, which have added confusion regarding the progress of clean energy in the past.