Young People Should Have Guaranteed Rights

In Youth Rights on April 12, 2017 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Young people are the most oppressed group in this country. The rights of young people are eroded every year. More municipalities raise the smoking age to 21, more states increase unnecessary burdens for obtaining a driver’s license or learner’s permit and every year, penalties against “underage” drinking increase. Young people in this country unfortunately live in a totalitarian state. Supporters of adultist laws say that those laws exist to protect young people but those laws are not meant to protect young people. A young adult who is 18 years old is not more harmed by drinking alcoholic beverages responsibly than a young adult who is 21 years old. The front of those adultist laws should be exposed for what those laws really are; laws that are meant to oppress young people.

Young people should have guaranteed rights. There should not be tyranny by the majority against young people in this country. This is why young people live in a totalitarian state. Moral panics and ageist attitudes have brought about this oppressive state. There should not be a minimum age for when young people receive their rights. A girl or boy who is 13 years old has the right to not share information on their smartphone with her or his parents. A girl or boy who is 16 years old should be allowed to obtain a learner’s permit driving. A young adult who is 18 should be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Young people, regardless of age, should have guaranteed rights.

It would be bigotry to justify that young people should not have guaranteed rights. Groups of people have guaranteed rights, such as LGBT people. Young people need guaranteed rights, too. The views of young people in this country need to improve. Young people cannot be thought of as a nuisance, a pest or as a subhuman. Young people are people and to think them as less than people is dehumanization. Young people in this country should be assertive in supporting the rights they should have. Ageist should be viewed with contempt. Ageists may hide behind junk science and with paternalism but inside, they justify adultist laws because they are bigoted against young people. In many comment threads, I have unmasked the core of why adultist laws are supported.


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