Mall Curfews Should Be Repealed

In Youth Rights on February 13, 2017 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The rights of young people should be unconditional. Unfortunately, young people are the group that is most oppressed in this country. Malls have also joined in the decades long movement to oppress young people. Malls around the country have created curfews against young people. Those mall curfews say that either young people be banned from the mall or that they be accompanied by their parents. That is oppression against young people. It is a civil rights violation that should be challenged.

Management of malls don’t discriminate against race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. However, when it comes to age, management thinks it’s justified to discriminate against young people. Mall management has said that those curfews were created to prevent fights. The truth is that most young people don’t want to start physical violence at malls. Videos of young people fighting at malls is not the usual situation. Young people at large should not have  to pay for the crimes of a young people.

The real reason why those mall curfews were created is because of societal intolerance against young people. American culture views young people as a nuisance or as a group of people that is to be tolerated but not accepted. Since management of malls is composed of people from this society, they take their ageist attitudes with them and put them in the form of rules that they want implemented. It is important that young people be put into a protected class so that their rights are protected.


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