Destroy the Tobacco to 21 Movement

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Unfortunately, many cities around the United States have raised the smoking age to 21. Organizations such as Tobacco 21 are to blame for this rise of oppression. I agree that tobacco is more dangerous than alcoholic beverages and Cannabis but raising the smoking age to 21 is unjustified oppression. People who work for the Tobacco 21 organization are nothing less than wannabe oppressors who see nothing wrong with taking away the rights of young adults. Those people also support the ageist drinking age of 21. This is why the Tobacco 21 organization is a hate group. A hate group doesn’t need to incite intolerance against a certain group but it can justify the oppression of a certain group.

The movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is an ageist movement against the rights of young adults, no matter what the purpose is, because it means that they are trying to take a right a way. Smoking cigarettes is a right for people who are at or above 18-19 years old.

Everyone knows that tobacco is a harmful drug. This means there should be a major policy overhaul. Tobacco should be reclassified as a harmful drug in the federal drug schedule. Second, tobacco products should be banned from being sold in stores or gas stations. Hookah bars should be closed.Third, factories which make cigarettes should be closed. Tobacco fields would still be legal.

This would not be a ban on cigarettes but cigarettes would be harder to find. Smoking cigarettes should still be legal. The minimum age to smoke cigarettes should be 18-19. This should be a policy idea if the anti-smoking movement wants to reduce harm from tobacco. The lessons of Prohibition shouldn’t be forgotten which is why cigarettes should not be illegal. There are limits to restricting personal freedom, which is what the anti-smoking movement refuses to acknowledge.

Instead, anti-smoking organizations want to raise the smoking age to 21. That is oppression. What a young adult does to her or his body or mind is the concern of that person. No government, no company or no person who the young adult doesn’t know can restrict civil rights. Tobacco is harmful but the rights of young adults should be equivalent to the rights of older adults. This means that the policy idea of raising the smoking age to 21 is nothing more than a policy idea to serve up good feelings for the people who work for those organizations. The movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is totalitarianism. Young people should not be bound to elected officials and organizations who can determine what the rights of young adults should be.

Either tobacco is banned from stores or tobacco remains legal for all. Nothing else is justifiable.


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