A Country Against Young People

In Youth Rights on August 20, 2016 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla


What is the most oppressed group in the U.S? They are young people. In Jamaica, LGBT people are the most oppressed group. In Jamaica, LGBT people are murdered because of homophobia. In the U.S., young people don’t deal with physical violence but they do deal with oppressive laws and attitudes. Ageist laws that young people are encumbered by include a drinking age of 21, a smoking age of 21 in some areas, a gambling age of 21, a hotel check-in age of 21 and a Cannabis smoking age of 21. Young people who are 18-20 years old should have all the rights mentioned in this paragraph. American exceptionalism should never be a reason to defend those ageist laws. It should be agreed that there’s no logic in using the age of 21 as a minimum age. At 20 years old, a person is decades old.

The United States is a partially free country. Ageist laws such as “use it and lose it” are reasons why the U.S. is not a free country. The “use it lose it” law is where young adults may have their driver’s license revoked because they drank alcoholic beverages in their home. This is a mark of a totalitarianism. This is but one law which has been created to enforce the ageist drinking age of 21. Young people live in a police state in this country. Laws which go after young people for exercising rights they should have is why. Political parties and organizations which advocate for freedom also need to recognize the rights of people who are 18-20 years old. Ageist attitudes have made for ageist laws which is why ageist attitudes should be treated like homophobic attitudes.



One Response to “A Country Against Young People”

  1. Not only does the law not let people who are under 21 years in the bar areas of restaurants or in certain bars, it also doesn’t let people under 21 stand or loiter near near slot machines or on main casino floors. It’s like the drinking age and gambling age are used as excuses to keep young people out. The entering bars and bar areas age and the standing and loitering near slot machines and on casino floors should be abolished.

    Another area of youth rights is the recognition of the right to an educational choice.

    Freedom To Learn blog on Psychology Today:

    School Survival:

    Freedom To Learn and School Survival focus on children’s, tweens’ and teens’ right and freedom to learn and right to an educational choice. They both mention the oppressive nature of public schools and the fact that they are compulsory (i.e.; forced) only adds to that. Freedom To Learn also mentions work versus play, hunter gatherer cultures with their egalitarian nature and attitude toward play, and age-mixed play and how public schools discourage that.

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