Oppression in California

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Liberals think that they are above bigotry. However, this is not the case regarding youth rights. Oppressive liberals are liberals who support oppression against young people. For example, they support the idea that a person must be 21 or older to smoke tobacco products. It is a public policy which violates the civil rights of young adults. Unfortunately, California’s Governor signed a bill which would raise the smoking age to 21. The legislator who wrote that oppressive bill is Mark Leno. He said that he wrote the bill for the public health. However, there’s no justification for violating the civil rights of young adults. He is one of many people in this country responsible for the erosion of youth rights.

Young adults who are 18-20 years old should have the right to smoke tobacco products in any part of the United States. However, Democrats don’t agree because Democrats treat young adults as children. Legislators and governors who support bills to raise the smoking age to 21 no longer deserve their elected office. Those elected officials have shown themselves as oppressors of young adults. The purpose of government shouldn’t be to save lives but it should be to protect civil rights and civil liberties. There’s no justification for raising the smoking age to 21 because civil rights and civil liberties come first.

If oppressive liberals actually wanted to make cigarettes safer, then they would support the following idea. They would support a federal law banning additives in cigarettes and toxic pesticides on tobacco plants. However, since Democrats believe that young adults should be treated as subjects of the government, Democrats have not supported such a law. The oppressive law in California which will raise the smoking age to 21 is an example of Democrat’s disdain for the youth rights of young adults. Shame on those legislators!


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