San Francisco and Other Oppressive Cities

In Youth Rights on March 3, 2016 by edwinforyouthrights


Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Despots at the San Francisco city council have passed an ordinance which will raise the smoking age to 21. It is tyranny when the government believes it is alright to take away the right of smoking from young adults. Unfortunately, Boston, New York City, Hawaii, Evanston, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri have also implemented this oppressive law. The movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is an oppressive movement. It is a movement which does not treat young adults as adults but rather as children. Raising the smoking age to 21 is also medical fascism.

The purpose of government should be protect the civil rights and civil liberties of all people, including that of young adults. The role of government should not be to save lives. Supporters of the oppressive movement believe that young adults are not adults. Thus, it is a bigoted movement against the rights of young people. The truth is that young adults are adults and should be allowed to do what they want as it long as it does not intrude on other people. Instead, Democrats treat young adults as their objects. This is tyranny by the Democratic Party.

People should stop voting for the Democratic Party. Every place that has raised the smoking age to 21 has one thing in common; they are places in which are Democratic. Instead, people should stop voting in despots like in San Francisco in to office. People should vote for the Libertarian Party. In conjunction, people should put an end to the bigoted movement to raise the smoking age. There is no reason and there will never be a reason why a smoking age should be higher than 18-19. Young adults are adults so they should have all the rights. It is despotic city council members like in San Francisco who should be removed from office for thinking they know better than young adults.


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