What Made Arrested Development?

In Youth Rights on February 29, 2016 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Some people talk about the arrested development of young adults in this country. They say that young adults are not mature enough as they were in the past. I think I have some of the reasons why arrested development started in the first place. Arrested development is an unfortunate byproduct of the modern world. Arrested development is an obstacle in fighting for youth rights because adultists say that arrested development has made young adults into children. The youth rights movement needs to fight against adultism and arrested development.

Many young people were raised in the suburbs. Many suburban neighborhoods are very detached from the cities. To get to someplace interesting from those neighborhoods would require a car. Since the dollar in the U.S. has been severely devalued, many young people’s parents cannot afford to buy their daughter or son a car. What happens to those young people? Since they cannot go to the places they want to go to, they turn to screen time. Young people are confined to the isolation of suburban neighborhoods only have one outlet and that is the internet.

Those young people do not develop enough social skills so to other people, they seem underdeveloped. The isolation of suburban neighborhoods has made young people who they are today. In addition, the internet has made them ignore other people and turn to screen time as their first friend. Without mobility, those young people are trapped psychologically. This is one reason for arrested development. We in the youth rights movement should discourage parents from choosing fragmented neighborhoods in favor of neighborhoods that are close to places in which young people can meet up in.


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