Defeat the Oppressive Bill

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

There is an oppressive bill against young adults in Congress. The Tobacco to 21 Act is this oppressive bill. As its oppressive title suggests, the bill would raise the smoking age and the tobacco purchasing age to 21. This bill should be defeated. It is currently in committee after being introduced by a Democrat in September 2015. The smoking age and tobacco purchasing age should be 18-19 in every state, territory and municipality in the United States.

Supporters of this oppressive policy idea are ignorant of solutions to make cigarettes less harmful. If there was a law which banned chemicals in cigarettes and if this law banned toxic pesticides onto tobacco plants, then cigarettes would be safer. Commercials on TV say that 7,000 chemicals are in cigarettes but there is no movement to ban chemicals in cigarettes. Instead, there is a movement to oppress young adults when it comes to making decisions about cigarettes.

The Tobacco to 21 should never become law. The federal government should not be concerned with protecting people from themselves. The federal government should be concerned with protecting the civil rights and civil liberties of people, including young people. To defeat this oppressive bill, Democrats in Congress should be voted out of office. Democrats are more likely to support the Tobacco to 21 Act. One of my Senators from Virginia has expressed support for this oppressive bill. However, I sent him a letter against this bill earlier this year in which he stated his position.

The Democratic Party should not be supported when it comes to youth rights. Young adults who are 18-20 years old should be allowed to smoke and purchase tobacco products. Members of Congress who support this bill support the oppression of young adults. There is no other way to describe supporters of the Tobacco to 21 Act. This bill should be abandoned.

The only political party which youth rights supporters can trust with protecting youth rights is the Libertarian Party. This is a political party which understands that the role of government should be to defend civil rights and civil liberties. In contrast, the Democratic Party believes in micromanaging the lives of young adults, leading to their violations of civil rights. Shame to this bill.


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  1. Bernie Sanders is a good candidate for President.

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