Political Party of Adultism

In Youth Rights on August 12, 2015 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Some of the information used in this article is from sociologist, Mike Males from

The Democratic Party is an adultist political party. The Democratic Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, has gone from a LGBT rights activist into an adultist. He calls young adults who are 18-20 years old, children. He does this to defend the discriminatory minimum age of 21 for smoking Cannabis. The movement to legalize Cannabis has devolved into an adultist movement against young adults. When it comes to cigarettes, the Democratic Party is also discriminatory against young people. Most of the cities which have raised the smoking age to 21 have been Democratic cities. Supporters of this adultist trend are more likely to be Democrats than from other political parties.

Young people are a minority group, such as LGBT people or physically disabled people. The Democratic Party is responding to young people by discriminating against them when it comes to Cannabis and cigarettes. President Obama is an adultist. He bashes young people whenever the topic of young people comes up. The President calls young people irresponsible, immature and impulsive. To the Democratic Party, young people are scapegoats and a group to which they are oppressed.

Youth rights activists and youth rights supporters should stop voting for a political party which defends ageism against young people. The Republican Party is not the right answer here but third parties are.



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