Oppression in Hawaii

In Youth Rights on June 25, 2015 by edwinforyouthrights Tagged:

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The Governor of Hawaii has signed a bill which will raise the smoking age to 21. A smoking age of 21 is oppression against young women and young men who are 18-20 years old. There is one thing in common with Hawaii and many of the cities which have raised the smoking age to 21. Those are places in which the Democratic Party is popular. In a previous article, I said that oppressive liberals are responsible for supporting ageist smoking ages. It is true. Real liberals, like myself, do not support any smoking age past 19. The Democratic Party is dominated by oppressive liberals. This means that the Democratic Party is an ageist political party. Real liberals don’t have a role in that political party.

Young adults who are 18-20 years old are mature enough to smoke cigarettes. If there was a federal law which banned tobacco companies from putting in additives to cigarettes and if that law banned tobacco growers from putting in toxic pesticides, then cigarettes would be less harmful. For ageists, their answer is to oppress young adults while ignoring this type of answer. Ageists say that young adults are immature for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages but they are wrong. The trend of raising the smoking age to 21 has got to stop. If you are a Democrat, then you should stop voting for that political party. The Democratic Party is responsible for oppressing young adults when it comes to tobacco.


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