18 For Cannabis

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

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Organizations which support Cannabis legalization have been ageist by supporting a Cannabis smoking age of 21. Those organizations are responsible for the referendums in states which have legalized Cannabis. Using the age of 21 for minimum ages is ageism. The smoking age for Cannabis should be 18. Using the phrase “Regulate like Alcohol” is age discriminatory against young adults because the current drinking age is discriminatory in itself. Supporters of “Regulate like Alcohol” support that young adults be oppressed twice when it comes to alcoholic beverages and again when it comes to Cannabis. I wouldn’t vote in favor of a referendum if it meant denying young adults who are 18-20 the right to smoke Cannabis. Young women and young men who are 18-20 are responsible enough to smoke Cannabis. Organizations which support Cannabis legalization should not oppressive when it comes to young women and young men.

People have become better informed about Cannabis and to why it should be legalized. Unfortunately, a wrong approach to regulating Cannabis is being taken. Laws which require strong punishment for young people who have used Cannabis is oppression. Cannabis legalization is not worth if it would significantly erode youth rights. It doesn’t make a difference if an older person was in jail for using Cannabis before Cannabis was legalized and if a young man goes to jail after Cannabis is legalized. Cannabis legalization laws should have a minimum age of 18 to smoke Cannabis. Young adults should get nothing less regarding Cannabis legalization. Other than plain ageism against young people, supporters of the “Regulate like Alcohol” strategy say that the brains of young adults are still developing. The developing brain propaganda from ageists is ageism in the form of junk science.


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