No More Ageist Smoking Ages

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

There is a trend around the country to raise the smoking age to 21. New York City, Columbia, Missouri and several towns in Massachusetts have an ageist smoking age of 21. This is an erosion of the rights of young women and young men who are 18-20 years old. Young adults in this age group should be allowed to smoke tobacco. The smoking ages should be 18-19 in every state, district and territory of the U.S. The reason why cigarettes do a lot of harm to a smoker’s health is because of chemicals which are put in cigarettes. Tobacco companies put those chemicals in cigarettes to be preservatives. Tobacco growers use toxic pesticides against weeds on their tobacco fields. If there was a federal law which banned tobacco companies from putting in chemicals and if such a law banned tobacco growers from using toxic pesticides, then cigarettes would be less harmful. People who support a smoking age of 21 are ignoring this solution.

Young women and young men should have their civil rights respected. This includes being able to buy tobacco products. Because something may cause harm, doesn’t mean that it should be banned. Supporters of the ageist minimum smoking age say that this type of law would reduce smoking by girls and boys who are 13-17 years old. Smoking rates for girls and boys in this age group are small and it has been declining. Regardless of any reason, the smoking age should never be 21. The towns and cities that have raised the smoking age to 21 are liberal. All of liberalism should learn to respect the rights of young adults when it comes to everything. As I have said in a previous article, supporters of a smoking age of 21 are of the oppressive liberalism ideology. Real liberalism would not erode the rights of young adults because real liberals would find the solutions such as in this article.


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