Legislators on the Right Side

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Many legislators around the country support ageist bills against young people. On the bright side, two legislators from Minnesota have introduced two bills to lower the drinking age to 18-19. The first bill which came out earlier this year was to lower the drinking age to 18. The bill which would lower the drinking age to 19 is trying to move up in Minnesota’s legislature. Hopefully, this bill will get more traction. Unfortunately, Minnesota’s governor, Mark Dayton, has said that the drinking age should continue to be 21. Legislators should confront him on his adultism. I am protecting the names of those legislators in this article because of ageist organizations.

We sometimes read that trying to lower the drinking age is political suicide. It can seem like political suicide because of ageist organizations and an adultist society. For people who are actually tolerant, this is not political suicide. It’s good that this movement has a few legislators who agree with lowering the drinking age. They are courageous legislators. It’s important for us in this movement to vote for elected officials who are less adultist than the other candidates. Although we care about other things, some candidates could be willing to pass age discriminatory bills against young people. An example of this is the former Mayor of New York City for raising the smoking age. Fewer elected officials like him is a good thing.


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