Two Types of Liberalism

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

There are two types of liberalism. There is what I call oppressive liberalism and there is also real liberalism. People who are of oppressive liberalism ideology support smoking bans, higher smoking ages and taxes on pop. Their support for a higher smoking age is direct opposition to youth rights. The real form of liberalism supports civil rights and civil liberties for all people, including that of young people. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is full of people who agree with oppressive liberalism. Many towns cities which have raised the smoking age are places where oppressive liberalism is the dominant ideology. This is why oppressive liberalism is an enemy of youth rights.

Real liberalism is represented by organizations such as the ACLU. That organization fights for the rights of all people and it does not support the oppression of anyone, including young people. There’s a big difference between the two types of liberal ideologies. Many elected officials agree with oppressive liberalism, unfortunately. Real liberalism does not focus its attention on raising smoking ages and taking away other rights of young people. The reason why real liberalism and oppressive liberalism are different is because oppressive liberalism is not freedom focused in the slightest. Real liberalism is freedom focused. Organizations which support taxes on pop, the Institute of Medicine and the National Education Association are examples of oppressive liberalism. Those are organizations which the youth rights movement must recognize as opponents of youth rights.


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