Greed and Geopolitics Lead the Way

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The U.S.’ foreign policy in the Middle East is guided by greed and neo-conservative geopolitics. A U.S. organization, Project Red Book, was formed in the 1990s to support an eventual war in Iraq. The Bush administration lied about the War in Iraq. Colin Powell was ordered by the Bush administration to say that there were WMDs in Iraq but we know the real reasons. There were no WMDs. The Iraq War was all about greed and geopolitics from beginning to end. The U.S. wanted access to oil and the U.S. wanted Iraq’s government to be an ally to American interests.

Other blogs have reported that President Obama wants a AUMF against ISIL. Drone strikes have been used to go after that terrorist organization but most people killed in those strikes are innocent. The U.S. should not have an active military interest in Iraq and Syria. The situation in Iraq and Syria is bad but only those countries and its neighbors can improve that situation. It would be another disaster if there was another U.S. led war in the Middle East. The Iraq War didn’t achieve stability. What did happen was mass instability that has come in the form of a hardcore terrorist organization.

Further war against ISIL would only lead to more death and destruction in those countries. Saudi Arabia has been a major funder of terrorism and the reactionary ideology of Wahhabism for decades. The U.S. would never put sanctions on Saudi Arabia for this breach of ethics would they? That’s the country where we get some of our oil from so Saudi Arabia is off the hook for anything. Back to Syria. The U.S. also favors the toppling of the Assad government in Syria. Why would the U.S. want Bashar al-Assad gone from power? The answer is that the U.S. wants a pro-US President or Dictator in Syria. When it comes to Middle Eastern foreign policy, greed and geopolitics lead the way. The U.S. should get out of Middle Eastern geopolitics and stop importing Middle Eastern natural resources.


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