Too Many People Are Unable to Accept

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

There are many reasons why polls in support of the drinking age of 21 remains so stubbornly high. There is one large factor. Over the decades, many people have equated young adults with drunk driving, bad behavior and binge drinking whenever it came to alcoholic beverages. Organization such as MADD has furthered this age discriminatory stereotype to achieve its ageist goals. Too many people in the U.S. are unable to accept the concept of young women and young men drinking alcoholic beverages responsibly. We need to reverse decades of age discriminatory opinions against young adults. This will help to get a drinking age of 18 in the United States. We in the movement to lower the drinking age to 18 know the correct policies to create a successful drinking age of 18. However, we also need to defeat other obstacles that stand before us.

We need to defeat stereotypes which equate young adults with drunk driving, bad behavior and binge drinking. We have to tell people that young women and young men who are 18-20 years old deserve to drink alcoholic beverages. We need to defeat the illogical notion of using the age of 21 as a minimum age for drinking. As we all know, it’s going to be a hard and long path to lower the drinking age of 18. If we got a state to lower its drinking age to 18, then this potential victory would still be vulnerable. This is because there would probably a referendum passed to repeal that law. The LGBT rights movement has faced similar scenarios in several states over the years. Referendums in California and in Maine repealed same-sex marriage laws. Although that is a different movement, this is a strategy which will probably be used against us.

As we all know, many studies about drinking and young adults are biased in favor of the status-quo. Researchers behind those studies can’t accept that young adults are capable of drinking alcoholic beverages responsibly. This bias shows up in the content in those studies. Junk science, which is real, can result from this type of ageist thinking. Society’s stance on this bias needs to change. A drinking age of 18 would significantly reduce binge drinking and drunken driving rates would not increase. Society’s inability to accept this right of young adults who are 18-20 has detained our movement’s potential. No matter what state or territory we focus our attention on, we are being held back by popularly held ageist opinions.


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