The Drinking Age Has Made for Huge Ageism

In Youth Rights on September 21, 2014 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The drinking age is only one form of age discrimination. However, the drinking age has made a plethora of laws and rules which oppress young women and young men. Alongside the ageist drinking age, there are laws that reinforce it. Too many hotels require that people be 21 or older to get a room because of the drinking age. Some restaurants have areas in them which require that everyone be 21 or older at certain hours. The drinking age has spawned many laws which reinforce age discrimination as acceptable in society. The drinking age is the reinforcement of other age discriminatory laws. If the drinking age was lowered to 18, then that relic of a pillar of ageism would probably knock down some other ageist laws.

Many people are unaware of why the youth rights movement exists. Those people don’t understand why the drinking age of 21 is wrong. Some organizations and news reports were created to justify the drinking age. We have our part to play in the movement to lower the drinking age to 18.


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