Near Genocide in South Africa

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Some of the information for this article was collected from the following Facebook pages:

  • Stop White South African Genocide
  • Stop Farm Attacks & Murders in South Africa
  • Stop Genocidal attacks on the lives of White South Africans

There is almost genocide against white people in South Africa. Since the 1990s, thousands of Afrikaner farmers have been murdered. Thousands of white South Africans who were not involved in agriculture have also been murdered. Most of the perpetrators in this near genocide have been black South Africans. In those murders, little was stolen but the victims got the brunt of the violence. Those murders are actually hate crimes. There is strong racism from black South Africans against white people in that country. South Africa’s major political parties are not hesitant to use black racism to get more supporters. According to the Genocide Watch organization, South Africa is at the sixth stage of the genocide scale. 6 is polarization, 7 is preparation, 8 is persecution, 9 is extermination and 10 is denial. However, classification of this situation has not been updated since 2013. I think that South Africa is at the eighth stage of the genocide scale. White South Africans continue to be murdered at high rates. Many of them were killed in the most inhumane manners possible. The federal government of that country has been unwilling to properly prosecute many of those perpetrators.

South Africa was hoped to be a Rainbow Nation. Instead, there is almost genocide against white South Africans. Since the 1990s, major political parties over there have used racist rhetoric against white people. “Kill the Boers” is an example of how black racism is being used to increase political support. Although that song was created before Apartheid fell in 1990s, the singing of “Kill the Boers” has recently been used for a different purpose. The lyrics in “Kill the Boers” are meant to encourage the threatening of white South Africans. Political officials from the Economic Freedom Fighters party (EFF) and the African National Congress (ANC) have used “Kill the Boers” and other violent black racist rhetoric to their advantage. In addition to ineffectively prosecuting the killers, the federal government of South Africa has refused to indicate the race of white people who have been murdered. White South Africans have also had their rights eroded. Some companies and local governments have refused to hire white job applicants because of their race.

Many white South Africans who were killed were subjected to extreme mistreatment by the perpetrators before dying. Earlier this year, a farmer’s wife and daughter were raped and killed by four men. In another violent hate crime case, a family was murdered in an inhumane manner. Those murders are extreme by any measure. In the first case, a farmer’s son survived the attack but the police department is being of little help in solving the murders. The second case is more extreme. Former domestic house employees to a white South African family instead murdered the family in 2012. The murderers in the second case were proud of what they did.  Those perpetrators laughed when the murder details were brought up in the courtroom. According to an expert in crime studies in South Africa, white farmers face a murder rate of 99.1 out 100,000. This figure surpasses many comparable figures. In urban, suburban and in rural areas of South Africa, white residents have a high risk of being murdered, tortured or raped because of their race.


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