Requiring What Is Not Needed

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2013 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

I have read requirements for administrative assistant jobs and for internships. They are maddening. Many administrative assistant positions and internships require a Bachelor’s degree. That’s not right. The requirement to have to have a Bachelor’s degree for those positions is an insult. People should not go to a university to be an intern or to be an assistant at an office. Some people say that being an administrative assistant is a good starting point for a recent graduate. However, that starting point is too low. This is because a person who applies to the same field which she or he studied should be on a higher up job. That’s what a Bachelor’s degree should represent. A Bachelor’s degree shouldn’t be treated as a high school diploma or as an Associate’s degree. Unfortunately, a lot of companies treat a Bachelor’s degree, regardless of the major, as less than what it is.

Qualifications which are too high don’t help anyone, especially for a person who wants a higher-up position. Companies should stop requiring a Bachelor’s degree when it is not necessary. A reasonable requirement to be an administrative assistant is a high school diploma. To be an intern, there should be requirements which are specific and are not tied to a person’s educational level. Requiring qualifications which are not necessary harms the economy because there are more people who are unable to get a job position which is higher up. They don’t get the salary which comes with that job. What is worse is that they have to wait more years to get the position which she or he wants. Putting unnecessary requirements for jobs is a trend so it has to stop. Opportunities for recent graduates will continue to decrease if companies don’t quit their unreasonable job requirements.


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