A Voting Age of 16 for City Elections

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

There is a bill in Takoma Park, Maryland to lower the voting age to 16 for city elections. Those elections are for the Mayor and for the city’s legislature. I support the bill in that city to expand voting rights to girls and boys who are 16-17 years old. There are girls and boys who are 16-17 who are interested in politics and who follow politics. For example, when I was 16, I was interested in politics. When I was 17, I legally voted in a Democratic Presidential primary and in a Democratic congressional primary. There are other aspects of the youth rights movement which are important but 16 is a good voting age for municipal elections.

Some people who oppose a voting age of 16 oppose the voting age of 18 so they are ageist for opposing a voting age of 18. People who justify an erosion of voting rights for young women and young men are not people for whom this blog is for. People who oppose letting 16-17 year old girls and boys vote say they their brains are not developed enough. However for them, that’s not what’s life is about. We don’t go around questioning people if their brain is developing. If you ask that question, then that’s wrong. Although voting is not compulsory, some people would probably say that it feels compulsory in swing states. Some girls and boys don’t need to be pushed to the polls. For those who do, they should be informed. Regardless of age, being informed about candidates and issues is important when it comes to civic participation.

Members of Takoma Park’s legislature who support the bill to lower the voting age for city elections are doing a good thing. I have taken voting seriously and there are girls and boys who have this perspective. I know that girls and boys are not young women and young men. However, the time comes when a person should be allowed to advance. For people who are interested and follow politics, voting is this. Girls and boys who are 16-17 should be allowed to vote in municipal elections and in federal primaries. I think that the voting age for other elections should be 18. 17 is an arbitrary age for a minimum age. If Takoma Park’s government passes this bill, it would be an advancement for girls and boys of 16-17 who are interested in politics.


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