Victory in Maryland and in Washington State

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

I’m late to send an article about the marriage equality victories in Maryland and in Washington but this is too important for me to push aside. Public opinion about same-gender marriage doesn’t have to be 60 or more percent for there to be marriage equality. Civil rights and civil liberties should never put up to a referendum. This is a flaw in Maryland’s Constitution because it says that new laws can be put to a referendum. Of those two states, Maryland is my favorite so I am proud that same-gender marriages are recognized in another Central Eastern state or territory. Homophobes like to exaggerate about gender by saying that only a woman and a man can make for a committed relationship while all else is not. Fortunately, marriage is a right so all the excuses and nonsense that some people use against same-gender marriage can go fall by the wayside. In addition, families headed by LGBT parents add to the wellbeing of neighborhoods. Some conservatives who support same-gender marriage know more about this than me.

States and territories which recognize same-gender marriages before federal recognition are those states and territories that led with the LGBT rights movement. Because of legislators who are tolerant and courageous, Maryland’s General Assembly passed a bill that has made marriage equality possible. Those legislators made the votes of intolerant and cowardice legislators fall to defeat. If a legislator is tolerant but refuses to cast a vote for the advancement of LGBT rights, she or he mind as well cast a vote with legislators who oppose LGBT rights. In this movement, we have and will continue to encounter people who use religion to justify oppression or intolerance for LGBT people. If a person is trying to be nice in her or his opposition to LGBT rights, it is the message which should be taken and not the sincerity.

There’s still a long way to advance LGBT rights in the United States. Sexual orientation and gender identity don’t have federal law protection, except in the case of hate crime cases. If the Supreme Court does little to advance marriage equality this year, then only the LGBT rights movement can successfully push to advance those rights. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will treat DOMA as a relic of the 1990s. It’s great that there are many people around the country who support LGBT rights but it’s the people with an activist perspective who can do most to get same-sex marriages recognized. There’s necessarily wrong with being a mild supporter. Even in tolerant states like Delaware, New Jersey or Illinois, this is the case. The absence of equality doesn’t necessarily mean that LGBT people are being treated with intolerance but marriage equality and other rights are much better.


2 Responses to “Victory in Maryland and in Washington State”

  1. The black church has a responsibility to be active when it comes to speaking about violence against Transgender people. Due to the lack of tolerance being advanced, many LGBT people of color have been murdered because of their gender identity.

  2. Jerry, that’s what’s sad. The church should be the first in leading the fight for equality for GLBT people. In my opinion the church kept the civil rights movement from splintering off or disappearing altogether. What bothers me also is that the vast majority of transgender people murdered are people of color. The black church should and must speak against this violence and lead the fight for equality.

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