A Right Way to Decrease Global Warming

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The more I read about global warming, the more significant the consequences of climate change have been said. 2010 was a hot summer for Russia and 2012 was a dry summer for the United States. It’s guaranteed that glaciers in Greenland are melting faster than they should be melting because of human produced global warming. I expect that when Barack Obama enters his second term in January, that his administration will be effective in supporting the building of renewable energy infrastructure around the country. Stephen Harper will enter his seventh year after becoming Prime Minister in February so he should support the building of renewable energy infrastructure. Canada and the United States produce a lot of the world’s fossil fuels emissions so those countries have an obligation to significantly generate more power made from renewable sources. The 2010s should be a decade in which developed countries give a termination to the fossil fuels industry.

Congress should pass a bill which would significantly reduce fossil fuel emissions which President Obama should sign. That bill could use cap and trade or the conventional strategy of banning most fossil fuel emissions. Canada’s Parliament should pass a bill which would do the same and it should receive royal ascent. It doesn’t matter if most countries are doing too little to stop fossil fuel emissions because Canada and the United States are responsible for many of those emissions. A UN conference which does nothing to stop global warming should be sidestepped. In both countries, there will be a lot of outrage from people who don’t care about the environment if this bill passes Congress. If that bill advances that far, then President Obama should have the same courage he had when he passed the health care reform law. People who care about the environment should stand by him if says that he will sign a bill which would reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Lobbyists for the oil industry do a lot to convince members of Congress to do what they want so it’s up to us to convince members of Congress to pass bills which will stop global warming. Protests are a good component of the environmental movement but this more subtle step is also important.


4 Responses to “A Right Way to Decrease Global Warming”

  1. I needed to thank you for this fantastic read!! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked to check out new things you post…

  2. What makes the private plane thing so crazy is that most of these egomaniacal types know how to use a computer. Ever hear of teleconferencing? Skype? Fuel efficient vehicles? Carbon offsets? Responsibility to future generations? Fish dying from a warming ocean breeding massive storms and catastrophe? Limiting yourself to one vacation home? Sacrifice for the common good?

  3. Bill McKibben knows what to do.

  4. Famed environmental journalist and activist Bill McKibben urged a crowd of over 250 students Tuesday night to support a reduction in fossil fuel emissions to stem global warming.

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