The Proposed Curfew Must Not Become a Law

In Youth Rights on September 21, 2012 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The city council of Albany, Georgia is proposing significant oppression against many young women and young men. Some city councilmembers are supporting a curfew which would prohibit people under 21 from attending events without an ‘adult’. The age of majority in Georgia is 18 so it should be followed. Laws and rules that use the age of 21 as a minimum age are age discriminatory so they should be challenged. If the curfew bill passes, young women and young men who are 18-20 would be punished by the police for seeing the fireworks on Independence Day. That’s oppression so it should be called that. I have a question for some of the city council members: Are people in the 18-20 age range-children to you? Some of the city councilmembers have a similar attitude. I will get to this later in the article. The reason why the bad bill is being considered is because there have been violent incidents involving young people at events. However, if Albany wanted to prevent those incidents, then the police department would have to use a better strategy. The answer is to have police officers walk the streets pertaining to events in order to prevent violent incidents.

A city council member implicitly said that girls and boys who are 13-17 should be treated like children. She or he questioned why there would be 13-17 year old girls and boys without a parent at events. They are old enough to be without a parent during events because they are not children. Like older people, they should be punished accordingly if a girl or boy has broken laws. Outside of normal curfew hours, no one who is 13 or older should be punished for attending an event because she or he was not accompanied by an adult. Age restrictions belong in other aspects, as in the minimum age to enter a casino. It is important to talk about this because the ageism which is used to justify curfews has spilled beyond the age of majority. This is a big reason why the proposed curfew in Albany must be stopped. People who are at or above the age of majority should not have to abide to an age based curfew. It would be ridiculous if a young woman or young man who is 18-20 was punished by the police for seeing the July 4 fireworks because a curfew. That would clearly be oppression and the same could be said for other events.

There should not be violent incidents at events but if a young woman or young man has done something wrong, then it’s her or his fault. It is not the fault of an entire age group. People who have engaged in violent incidents should not get a light punishment. I hope that Albany’s city council abandons the ageist bill. If city council passes the curfew bill, then there should be civil disobedience with a movement to repeal the law. No matter how much ageism that people who are 18-20 are confined to, there is no excuse for using a curfew that uses 21 a minimum age.


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