The School District’s Big Problem

In LGBT Rights on February 29, 2012 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Bullying because of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is probably the worst form of bullying. This form of bullying has caused many suicides around the country and one school district is noted for the tragic outcomes. The Anoka-Hennepin school district in Minnesota is where some LGBT students have committed suicide and where some students still struggle against bullying. Unfortunately, the school district does little to reduce the homophobic environment which can exist at the schools. The school district has a rule known as the “neutrality” policy in which teachers and administrators can’t express a tolerant opinion of LGBT rights. In that school district, teachers do nothing if a student says a homophobic comment against a LGBT student. In addition, teachers don’t talk about the importance of stopping homophobic bullying for fear of breaking the “neutrality” policy.

The reason why this oppressive rule exists is because of social conservatives, who believe in an ideology of oppression, have a homophobic attitude. This is the reason why the school board has not repealed the rule because of instead of doing the right thing, the members are too afraid to do so. Homophobic environments at the schools are allowed to spiral outwards and since we know that homophobia has no mercy or ethics, the results are sad to read. The “neutrality” policy must be repealed. If the rule is repealed, teachers and administrators can do much more to stop homophobia and can effectively punishment homophobic bullying. Letting students suffer because something board members can do but are too afraid to do is weak leadership. The school board members don’t deserve that position. Social conservatives are numerous in central Minnesota but let tolerance in and double down on intolerance.

It’s always to time for the Anoka-Hennepin school district to repeal the “neutrality” policy and do more stop bullying of LGBT students. What I mean by “it’s always time…” is that if one member says that she or he will start the repeal process in the autumn, then that’s too late and a lame excuse because the process can start today.



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