The Unecessary Court Requirement

In Youth Rights on October 9, 2011 by edwinforyouthrights

Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Many states have ageist laws when it comes to young people and driving. Since I want to have many articles about this topic, I will be focusing on one aspect of this ageism for this article. In Virginia, someone who is under 18 must go to court to get a driver’s license. This is dumb. Obtaining a driver’s license should be a routine matter on the base of age. Going to the DMV or getting a driver’s license through the mail should also apply to people who are under 18. Judges should not be using their precious time to give driver’s licenses.  Exceptions include people who have broken laws because of reckless driving or drunk driving. I think the reason why the law was signed by the governor is to give a very somber experience to 16 and 17 year olds. Everyone should obey laws regarding driving but the court requirement is ageist.

In Virginia, to get a driver’s license, one must go through the Graduated Driving Licensing process, like in other states and in Canada. A 16 year old or 17 year old would know the laws regarding driving and they would know that police officers usually have a presence on roads, especially in urban and suburban parts of the state. Making a person go to court to get a driver’s license because of her or his age is a justification of stereotypes. Parents expect their daughter or son to drive according to laws and rules which the parents might have created. Driving in a different fashion might get them in an accident, something they wouldn’t want. 16 and 17 year olds have done nothing wrong to be in court but their age. If a girl or boy is in court, it should be because she or he has broken a law. If girls and boys didn’t have to go to court to get a driver’s license, there would no difference in driving habits
because obtaining a driver’s license is one aspect of driving. Virginia should repeal the ageist court requirement and every state should do the same.


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