Same-Sex Marriage is Part of Civil Rights

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

LGBT Rights is part of Civil Rights. Same-sex marriage is a right because marriage is a right. There are many same-sex couples around the country who are in a committed relationship. If some of those couples want to get married this year, then they should so. The purpose of marriage is to advance a relationship and not necessarily for procreation. Same-sex marriage is not a “redefinition” of marriage. Homophobes use that word to show that they still hold onto gender stereotypes or plain dislike LGBT people. They haven’t learned that gender is not as a big deal as they say it is in relationships. Sexual orientation is not a choice. It’s true that Transgender people are the group most left out in the acronym, LGBT, but same-sex marriage can also be for Transgender people. Marriage can be more than advancement in a relationship because starting a family can be the next step. Parents of the same gender can make for great parents just like straight parents can. What makes for good parenting? Commitment to raising their children is the answer and to each other. Unfortunately, LGBT families are treated less than fair due to oppressive laws. Some of the parents always have to carry power-of-attorney documents, among other things when travelling. Families deserve to be treated with respect and not with suspicion. The United States should not stand for a country where LGBT families and LGBT people are treated as less than who they are. There are many countries where LGBT people are treated worse, but for tens of millions of people in the U.S., I included, we know better than that. We also know better than to deny marriage to some of the best relationships you might find.

There’s nothing family-friendly in being hateful against LGBT people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Hate groups like Focus on the Family twist the words “family values” to justify homophobia. I think a big reason why homophobes are against same-sex marriage is because of gender stereotypes. This includes thinking that males and females be only friends if they are of the same gender. Another reason why homophobes don’t like marriage equality is because of religious reasons. However, a properly translated Bible doesn’t say anything bad about LGBT people. There are no credible reasons against the right of same-sex marriage. A person who says that a LGBT person has a “sin” because of her or his sexual orientation or gender identity has spewed nonsense. Despite the obvious truth that sexual orientation is not a “lifestyle”, there is a lot of homophobia in this country. Some homophobic organizations are rightfully classified as a hate-group. Even when not talking about same-sex marriage, homophobic organizations attack LGBT people for their sexual orientation or gender identity. Polls are showing the increase in support of marriage equality so when intolerance increases, homophobes kick and fight despite the fact that progress will continue. Although the 2010s feels like a conservative decade due to the number of Republicans in the House of Representatives and because the Tea Party, we shouldn’t be cowardice. Civil unions are a stepping stone to equality. For people who say that civil unions are enough, why is marriage accessible in the first place? The answer is that marriage is part of culture and that government gives married people many legal benefits. For LGBT families, this is important.

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