First Article about the Ageist Drinking Age

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla


July 3, 2011

First article

There is a lot of ageism in the United States because it can be said that almost 80% of people polled support the ageist drinking age of 21. The drinking age was raised federally because of Reagan. This is the reason I don’t like Reagan. The conservative mood of the 1980s is a major factor why the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the drinking age was raised in that decade. The drinking age does not need to be 21 because it can be 18. Since I was 16 in 2007, I have been angry that the drinking age in the United States has been so high. Organizations like MADD, which I classify as ageist, are adamant about keeping the drinking age at 21. To those who support that the drinking age be lowered to 18, don’t let them control you. I know that if the drinking age were to be 18 and if young people were to be required to be licensed to drink alcohol, this law would get at least 60% approval in polls.

The license would work like this:

  1. When one is 17, they would be required to pass an alcohol education course. They would be granted an alcohol license if they pass and when they turn 18, the license would become valid. However, 17 year old girls and boys can drink alcohol at their home with parental supervision.
  2. From ages 18 to 19, young women and young men would be required to drink responsibly, in public or in privately. If a young woman or young man were to binge drink in a bar, her or his alcohol license would be suspended until they can pass a remedial alcohol education course. The alcohol license is a powerful incentive to instill responsibility towards alcohol. For people who support the ageist 21 drinking age, they have to say that the license would decrease alcohol abuse.
  3. At age 20, the alcohol license would expire and they could drink like people 21 and over already do in the United States or in 19 in Ontario, eh.

Above is my own version of the alcohol license and I based this off from Choose Responsibility. Choose Responsibility is an organization which was created to increase debate about the drinking age. It’s good that the organization was founded because according to the current President, Barrett Seaman, the ageist drinking age is responsible for a lot of alcohol abuse on university campuses. As he has said, when there is no incentive for responsibility and when they drink in a clandestine place, why shouldn’t it be a surprise that binge drinking takes place? Opponents of a lower drinking age, even when it’s supplemented with an alcohol license, talk about brain development. However, you can take their words to make an enemy for them. Those people say that the brain isn’t developed until 25, meaning that for them, the drinking age of 21 is too low. However, this argument does have boundaries. Young people, 18 to 20, can be responsible so when you hear that the drinking age should be kept at 21 because chaos would ensue, know that they are stereotypes.

This is my first article on WordPress for the blog “Youth Rights and Civil Rights.” The reason for the blog’s name is because in addition to typing about youth rights, I will also type about other aspects of civil rights. LGBT Rights is also my passion.


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