The Criminalization of Young People

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Young people are people. Unfortunately, legislators continue to pass bills that criminalize the lives of young people. Bills to raise the smoking age to 21 keep getting passed. Legislators refuse to set a Cannabis smoking age of 18. Since the 1980s, the drinking age has been 21. This is why young people have become a criminalized group. Young people are a group in which government and in which society refuse to recognize their rights.

On top of age discriminatory laws are ageist attitudes that are prevalalent in this society. These are the types of attitudes that treat young people as pests. Many malls have curfews which ban people under 18 from entering in evening and nights. Despite the fact that few young people were involved in fights at malls, every young person was to be treated the same, as a pest. It is this demographic distancing which treats young people as inferior as to the reason for the passage of discriminatory rules. It is a disgrace. People who who admire civil rights and civil liberties but are ageist, are hypocrites.

Young people, in particular young adults, don’t deserve to live under those discriminatory laws and rules. Young people are people, civil rights and civil liberties must apply to them. This means that the drinking age, smoking age and Cannabis smoking age should be 18-19. Bills raising the smoking age to 21 are unjustified. There is no justification in eroding the rights of young adults to fulfill a public health outcome. Instead, those types of bills criminalize young people. Young adults must be allowed to make decisions that they want to make. For government to force its decisions upon them, is totalitarianism. Young people must be treated as people and they must have their rights respected and recognized.



Young People Should Have Guaranteed Rights

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Young people are the most oppressed group in this country. The rights of young people are eroded every year. More municipalities raise the smoking age to 21, more states increase unnecessary burdens for obtaining a driver’s license or learner’s permit and every year, penalties against “underage” drinking increase. Young people in this country unfortunately live in a totalitarian state. Supporters of adultist laws say that those laws exist to protect young people but those laws are not meant to protect young people. A young adult who is 18 years old is not more harmed by drinking alcoholic beverages responsibly than a young adult who is 21 years old. The front of those adultist laws should be exposed for what those laws really are; laws that are meant to oppress young people.

Young people should have guaranteed rights. There should not be tyranny by the majority against young people in this country. This is why young people live in a totalitarian state. Moral panics and ageist attitudes have brought about this oppressive state. There should not be a minimum age for when young people receive their rights. A girl or boy who is 13 years old has the right to not share information on their smartphone with her or his parents. A girl or boy who is 16 years old should be allowed to obtain a learner’s permit driving. A young adult who is 18 should be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Young people, regardless of age, should have guaranteed rights.

It would be bigotry to justify that young people should not have guaranteed rights. Groups of people have guaranteed rights, such as LGBT people. Young people need guaranteed rights, too. The views of young people in this country need to improve. Young people cannot be thought of as a nuisance, a pest or as a subhuman. Young people are people and to think them as less than people is dehumanization. Young people in this country should be assertive in supporting the rights they should have. Ageist should be viewed with contempt. Ageists may hide behind junk science and with paternalism but inside, they justify adultist laws because they are bigoted against young people. In many comment threads, I have unmasked the core of why adultist laws are supported.


Mall Curfews Should Be Repealed

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

The rights of young people should be unconditional. Unfortunately, young people are the group that is most oppressed in this country. Malls have also joined in the decades long movement to oppress young people. Malls around the country have created curfews against young people. Those mall curfews say that either young people be banned from the mall or that they be accompanied by their parents. That is oppression against young people. It is a civil rights violation that should be challenged.

Management of malls don’t discriminate against race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. However, when it comes to age, management thinks it’s justified to discriminate against young people. Mall management has said that those curfews were created to prevent fights. The truth is that most young people don’t want to start physical violence at malls. Videos of young people fighting at malls is not the usual situation. Young people at large should not have  to pay for the crimes of a young people.

The real reason why those mall curfews were created is because of societal intolerance against young people. American culture views young people as a nuisance or as a group of people that is to be tolerated but not accepted. Since management of malls is composed of people from this society, they take their ageist attitudes with them and put them in the form of rules that they want implemented. It is important that young people be put into a protected class so that their rights are protected.


Destroy the Tobacco to 21 Movement

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Unfortunately, many cities around the United States have raised the smoking age to 21. Organizations such as Tobacco 21 are to blame for this rise of oppression. I agree that tobacco is more dangerous than alcoholic beverages and Cannabis but raising the smoking age to 21 is unjustified oppression. People who work for the Tobacco 21 organization are nothing less than wannabe oppressors who see nothing wrong with taking away the rights of young adults. Those people also support the ageist drinking age of 21. This is why the Tobacco 21 organization is a hate group. A hate group doesn’t need to incite intolerance against a certain group but it can justify the oppression of a certain group.

The movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is an ageist movement against the rights of young adults, no matter what the purpose is, because it means that they are trying to take a right a way. Smoking cigarettes is a right for people who are at or above 18-19 years old.

Everyone knows that tobacco is a harmful drug. This means there should be a major policy overhaul. Tobacco should be reclassified as a harmful drug in the federal drug schedule. Second, tobacco products should be banned from being sold in stores or gas stations. Hookah bars should be closed.Third, factories which make cigarettes should be closed. Tobacco fields would still be legal.

This would not be a ban on cigarettes but cigarettes would be harder to find. Smoking cigarettes should still be legal. The minimum age to smoke cigarettes should be 18-19. This should be a policy idea if the anti-smoking movement wants to reduce harm from tobacco. The lessons of Prohibition shouldn’t be forgotten which is why cigarettes should not be illegal. There are limits to restricting personal freedom, which is what the anti-smoking movement refuses to acknowledge.

Instead, anti-smoking organizations want to raise the smoking age to 21. That is oppression. What a young adult does to her or his body or mind is the concern of that person. No government, no company or no person who the young adult doesn’t know can restrict civil rights. Tobacco is harmful but the rights of young adults should be equivalent to the rights of older adults. This means that the policy idea of raising the smoking age to 21 is nothing more than a policy idea to serve up good feelings for the people who work for those organizations. The movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is totalitarianism. Young people should not be bound to elected officials and organizations who can determine what the rights of young adults should be.

Either tobacco is banned from stores or tobacco remains legal for all. Nothing else is justifiable.


Posters in Support of Bigotry

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In Washington, D.C., there are posters in bus shelters in support of the ageist drinking age. The posters say “the legal drinking age is 21”. That is hate speech. That drinking age is age discriminatory against young people who are 18-20 years old. Supporting a discriminatory law is also supporting discrimination in general. The government and certain organizations are trying to reinforce the brainwashing of people of this country. Their aim is to reinforce the ageist drinking age of 21. The reason why the drinking age continues to have high support is because of the government and organizations. From the government, it is from websites, such as Ageist organizations include the Century Foundation and MADD. Shamefully as well, alcoholic beverages companies donate to them.

People in the U.S. should be past supporting an age discriminatory drinking age. The drinking age should be lowered to 18. Young people should have their civil rights recognized. This includes not only with alcoholic beverages but with getting hotel rooms and Cannabis. The legacy of a hate group, MADD, implementing an ageist drinking age in the 1980s deserves to be gone. Organizations which go around putting posters in support of the drinking age are shameful organizations. Those organizations are trying to support the oppression of young adults who are 18-20 years old. Junk science and ageist bigotry also continue to support the drinking age. Instead of posters in support of this oppression, there should posters in support of the civil rights of young people. However, I think this is above most Americans in this decade.



Youth Rights Referendum

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On the same day as the Presidential election, there will be a referendum in a Massachusetts town to lower the drinking age for beer and wine to 19. The referendum is non-binding, but it is a step in the right direction. The youth rights activist who petitioned for the referendum is a supporter of the National Youth Rights Association. I give credit to this activist and to the National Youth Rights Association. We in the youth rights movement want the referendum to pass but we live in a society which is against young people.

For decades, the media has been showcasing negative stereotypes against young people. News outlets prefer to call out the crimes of young people while the crimes of middle-aged people are ignored. TV Shows portray young people as a troubled group of people. The government has also been against young people. Since the National Minimum Drinking Age Act is a federal law, the government has created propaganda in order to prop op that oppressive law. As a result, a majority of people in this country see young people as less than human beings. A majority of people see young people as a group who ought to be restricted in every aspect of life. These are the conditions which would make such referendums fail.

I do not wish to see the referendum fail but I believe this will the result. This is a society, regardless of ideology, which believes that young people should have less rights. Young people who are 18-20 years old have every right that a person who is 21 years old should have, including: drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking Cannabis, smoking cigarettes, gambling, getting a hotel room, getting a credit card and getting married without parental consent. Those are the some of the objectives of the youth rights movement. We need to protect and expand those rights. Otherwise, young people will be living in a totalitarian state of mind.


A Country Against Young People

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What is the most oppressed group in the U.S? They are young people. In Jamaica, LGBT people are the most oppressed group. In Jamaica, LGBT people are murdered because of homophobia. In the U.S., young people don’t deal with physical violence but they do deal with oppressive laws and attitudes. Ageist laws that young people are encumbered by include a drinking age of 21, a smoking age of 21 in some areas, a gambling age of 21, a hotel check-in age of 21 and a Cannabis smoking age of 21. Young people who are 18-20 years old should have all the rights mentioned in this paragraph. American exceptionalism should never be a reason to defend those ageist laws. It should be agreed that there’s no logic in using the age of 21 as a minimum age. At 20 years old, a person is decades old.

The United States is a partially free country. Ageist laws such as “use it and lose it” are reasons why the U.S. is not a free country. The “use it lose it” law is where young adults may have their driver’s license revoked because they drank alcoholic beverages in their home. This is a mark of a totalitarianism. This is but one law which has been created to enforce the ageist drinking age of 21. Young people live in a police state in this country. Laws which go after young people for exercising rights they should have is why. Political parties and organizations which advocate for freedom also need to recognize the rights of people who are 18-20 years old. Ageist attitudes have made for ageist laws which is why ageist attitudes should be treated like homophobic attitudes.



Oppression in California

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Typed by Edwin Bonilla

Liberals think that they are above bigotry. However, this is not the case regarding youth rights. Oppressive liberals are liberals who support oppression against young people. For example, they support the idea that a person must be 21 or older to smoke tobacco products. It is a public policy which violates the civil rights of young adults. Unfortunately, California’s Governor signed a bill which would raise the smoking age to 21. The legislator who wrote that oppressive bill is Mark Leno. He said that he wrote the bill for the public health. However, there’s no justification for violating the civil rights of young adults. He is one of many people in this country responsible for the erosion of youth rights.

Young adults who are 18-20 years old should have the right to smoke tobacco products in any part of the United States. However, Democrats don’t agree because Democrats treat young adults as children. Legislators and governors who support bills to raise the smoking age to 21 no longer deserve their elected office. Those elected officials have shown themselves as oppressors of young adults. The purpose of government shouldn’t be to save lives but it should be to protect civil rights and civil liberties. There’s no justification for raising the smoking age to 21 because civil rights and civil liberties come first.

If oppressive liberals actually wanted to make cigarettes safer, then they would support the following idea. They would support a federal law banning additives in cigarettes and toxic pesticides on tobacco plants. However, since Democrats believe that young adults should be treated as subjects of the government, Democrats have not supported such a law. The oppressive law in California which will raise the smoking age to 21 is an example of Democrat’s disdain for the youth rights of young adults. Shame on those legislators!


The New Prohibition Movement

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The movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is an oppressive movement against young adults. There are similarities between the Prohibition movement of the late 19th-early 20th century and the movement to raise the smoking age to 21. Most progressives in the late 19th-early 20th century were members of the Prohibition movement. In addition, the movement to raise the smoking age is also a movement made up of progressives. There is no reason why the smoking age should be higher than 19. It can be said that progressives were the reason why there was Prohibition. It can also be said that progressives are trying to raise the smoking age.

Why is it that progressives believe that the government should restrict the rights of people and young people? One reason is because progressives believe in micromanaging the lives of people through laws. This is the opposite of freedom and micromanaging people is the path towards tyranny. Young adults who are 18-20 years old are adults. They should be allowed to make the decision if they want to smoke cigarettes or not. Progressives are also adultists in that they don’t recognize the civil rights and civil liberties of young people. This is why the movement to raise the smoking age to 21 is an oppressive movement and why people should be against that movement. Raising the smoking age to 21 is also medical fascism.

Progressive ideology is an inherently oppressive ideology because it justifies government intrusion into people’s decision making skills. In order to fight back against progressive ideology and the oppressive movement regarding the smoking age, people should become libertarians.